• Paper Straw
    Paper Straw
    Safe and Eco product
  • Paper Straw
    Paper Straw
    Safe and Eco product



PAPERLAB paper straw is for people health and eco-environment. PAPERLAB is the first paper straw manufacturer in Vietnam. Our products qualified with safe food standard, various designs, attractive looking and best fit customer's demands.


Paraffin Paper (also called Wax Paper) have good features of non water absorption, grease proof, release force, widely used in food and industrial products. In industrial products, wax paper used for warpping such as razor blade, gift.... In food, wax paper used for wrapping cake, fruit...


Silicone coated paper is a silicone coated paper that is heat resistant up to 270 degrees Celsius, used for baking, also known as baking paper.


Human and nature, coexist together

Challenge and Creativeness

With passion for success, we challenge to achieve our target with creativeness for constant improvement.

Trust and Consideration

We thrive for building trust, safety, improvement in life quality, open management, life long learning, human resource development, mutual rewarding, and customer satisfaction.

Responsibility and Contributions

With sincerity, we are always doing our best to contribute to society with ethical management, fair trade, respect for human life, and family friendship management.